Vehicles Getting Stolen From A Lot Is A Dealership Owner's Worst Nightmare

Vehicles Getting Stolen From A Lot Is A Dealership Owner's Worst Nightmare

There are plenty of people that decide to go into business for themselves selling cars, and why not? The endeavor offers job security as consumers need vehicles to drive to work, school, social events, and more. Dealerships provide clients with what they are searching for, and in turn, make a little money in the process. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows when it comes to owning a car lot, though.

Company owners have to worry about floods, hail, and other natural disasters causing damage to their products. As if weather-related issues weren't enough, there is still something else that the mere thought of leaves dealer owners cringing, car thefts. According to an article published by the Insurance Information Institute, approximately $6 billion was lost to motor vehicle theft in 2018.

That is one substantial figure. If a car lot experiences too much in losses, the business may have to file for bankruptcy. In other words, it could have to shut its doors for good. Of course, dealerships make sure all of the vehicles have their windows rolled up at night, and the doors locked, but these actions alone are not always enough. Criminals regularly come up with innovative ways to get inside cars, crank them, and take off. So, curious persons should stay put read further to learn about some methods for protecting their inventory.

Put Up A Fence Or Barricade

Depending on how a lot is laid out, there may be multiple entry/exit points. As such, persons might be able to sneak in undetected and skulk away without anyone being the wiser. That is until the damage is already done. Therefore, it is in an establishment's best interest to put up a fence with gates or barricades to nip issues in the bud. While the barriers might not stop every car thief, they will at least make them have to work hard to get onto and off of the property without being seen.


Utilize Access Control To Safeguard Keys And Fobs

Just placing keys and fobs in a locked closet or drawer might not be enough to keep them safe. Once a criminal finds his or her way inside the building, they can surely jimmy open the unit to get whatever they want from inside. However, a sturdy, robust office door with an access control system could be what the doctor ordered to prevent thieves from getting their hands on the keys or fobs. They will need to either swipe a key card or enter a PIN to gain access to the room.


Install High-Quality Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Often, the presence of cameras is enough to deter criminals. After all, they don't want to be recorded committing the act and get put behind bars. That is not always the case, though. Sometimes, car thieves will attempt to steal vehicles, whether surveillance cams are in place or not.

However, wireless models allow for remote monitoring, which means the dealership owner can view live feeds or recordings from virtually anywhere. Plus, he or she will receive notifications on their smartphone whenever a disturbance occurs. All of these solutions can help prevent cars from becoming stolen.

Is your car dealership in the market for surveillance cameras? If so, feel free to give Security Integration a call today.


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