The Best Placement For Security Cameras In Schools

The Best Placement For Security Cameras In Schools

When young people go to school, they should be focused on learning and learning alone. Unfortunately, many young people are also plagued with thoughts about their safety. Many would argue these are thoughts young people should not have while trying to get an education, but an unfortunate reality of today’s age all the same. It’s the role of the school administration to provide a safe and secure learning environment for today’s young people, and this starts with the security measures you put in place. 

Security cameras are one layer important to creating an overall safe atmosphere, and the placement of these cameras is important. You want your security cameras to be effective, and to keep young people safe whether it’s from inside or outside potential threats. 

Focusing On Placement 

Focusing on placement is one of the most important considerations administrators can make when it comes to keeping schools safe. Along with the types of cameras you choose, it’s the placement that will decide what is captured on film, if the cameras work as an effective deterrent, and if they really work when they need to in order to detect threats or intruders. A few tips for ensuring you’ve placed your school security cameras in the best possible locations are: 

  • Focus on entrances and exits – Your first cameras should be placed by the entrances and exits of a school, as this is typically the first choice area for intruders. Don’t simply focus on the most commonly used entrances and exits, and make sure to cover all of your bases all throughout a school campus area. 

  • Cover the parking lots – Parking lots are an important placement area if you’re looking to deter both intruders and vandalism. With placement in and around parking lots, students and faculty will feel safer each time they come to or leave the school. 

  • Focus on high-risk areas – Even in open-plan schools, or busy schools with plenty of students and staff, there will be some locations that leave students and staff feeling “at risk”. These might be not often used stairwells, they may be hallways in the back corners of the school, or they may be walkways around the school property. 

  • Cover the common areas – Sometimes it’s the common areas that will be targeted by an intruder, vandal, burglar, or threat, as they feel that these common areas are too “obvious” to be surveilled. Covering these common areas ensures you’ve covered all of your bases. 

Safer Schools For Smarter Kids 

When kids can come to school each day and focus on little else but their learning and their experience for the day, they’re able to learn better. When you take charge of your security, you’re creating the exact type of environment students of all ages need to thrive. Effective camera placement is just one step to safer schools, and comprehensive security measures should be sought to ensure a completely secure experience. If you’re looking for the right technology to protect your school, contact us at Security Integration today. 

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