Tips For A Secure Home This Fall

Tips For A Secure Home This Fall

While it may still be summer in San Francisco, CA, you will quickly notice the days getting shorter and the nights growing chillier throughout the region. The end of summer is the beginning of the cool season transitional period, and it is the perfect time to consider just how secure your home may be to kick off the fall season. Just as all seasons bring their own holidays, activities, and exciting possibilities, they bring their own security threats as well. Fall is no exception, and it is always best to protect your home ahead of time to ensure you are prepared for all that this autumn has in store.

Keeping your property secure means you will need to think like a burglar, but thinking like a burglar during one season alone will leave major holes in your home or business security plan. Consider how a burglar in San Francisco, CA might use a particular season to their advantage, what people are up to during certain seasons, and how you can be one step ahead no matter what time of year it may be.

How Can You Stay Safe This Fall? 

A few tips can help you prepare your home security for the coming fall season and ensure that you stay ahead of whatever local burglars in San Francisco, CA may have in mind. Those tips include the following:

  • Light Up Your Property – One of the biggest security concerns as summer transitions into fall is lighting. Days grow shorter, nights grow longer, and burglars know they have more time to commit crimes under the cover of darkness. Installing motion sensor lighting not only brings light to your property but also gives the impression of activity even when no one is home. The light then shuts off after a period when no motion is detected. This means you have secure lighting that is also eco-conscious.

  • Be Mindful Of Your Social Media – Social media is a tool that can be used by local criminals to “case” houses from afar. Rather than cruising the neighborhood looking for dark windows and empty driveways, they can simply peruse social media to see who may be home and who is out and about, far away from their property. Vacant houses are the most attractive houses for criminals, and you do not want to let them know when you are planning on leaving the house. When you are going on a trick-or-treat event, playing in a corn maze, or going on a hayride, wait to post about it on social media until you are back home. 

  • Use Outdoor Cameras – As nights grow longer, it is important to use outdoor cameras made to capture clear footage in light and dark conditions. This ensures your security cameras are working clearly even in low-light situations. 

The Technology You Need For A Safer Autumn

We have all the technology you need to stay safe this fall season. If you are interested in protecting your home this fall, contact us to talk to our experienced security professionals about our solutions today.

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