Installation Is As Important As Product Choice

Installation Is As Important As Product Choice

Whether you just want a safer home, a business that protects its investments and employees, or a school that is looking out for its students, getting better security systems is neve a bad idea. When adequately deployed, a sound security system can be an essential deterrent.

The results around the country of good security have been encouraging. In recent years, there’s been a noticeable drop in different types of crime. Still, the reason that this has been happening is that people are getting serious about security and making sure that it’s properly implemented.

The Best Product Is Not Always Best

While it’s true that you get what you pay for, that’s only half the equation when it comes to security. A security system can be top of the line and have all the features that you could want, but it is only as effective as its method of deployment. A burglar alarm system, for example, is only useful if it’s turned on and used regularly. In the same way, all the surveillance cameras in the world will not be of much use if they are placed staring directly into a corner, where they can’t see anything.

This is why it’s not just enough to look at the price tags of different security products and buy whatever is most expensive. Unlike a car, where paying more results in an instant boost in engine performance, security systems will only work at their full potential if they are correctly used.

Poor Placement Means Crime Can Still Happen

Some thieves, for example, rely on lazy home or business owners to do some of the work for them when it comes to breaking in. A home that has an alarm system wired only to the doors is going to be still ransacked by a knowledgeable thief that realizes this and enters through a window. 

A motion detector system that is set in an obvious place, with an easy to see sensor will detect no thieves at all if they spot it and learn to walk over or around it. In many disturbing cases, families have spent hundreds—even thousands—of dollars only to find that a test of their security system results in someone bypassing everything.

Get Expert Help

 To ensure a security system lives up to its full potential, it’s always best to bring in the experts and get an assessment of your property. Every property will have unique strengths and vulnerabilities based on the placement of the structure, where the blind spots are, and other factors such as the presence of large foliage like bushes to hide in.

Security experts approach every security job as if they want to break in, looking at the best places to hide, the most likely points of entry, and most comprehensive positions to place alarms, sensors, and cameras. With smartly positioned security systems, Thieves will have a far more difficult time evading detection. Because of that, they will move on to an easier, less well-defended target.

If you’d like to have an expert security assessment and installation, we can help. Contact Security Integration for a consultation.

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