Avoid Making These Common Security Mistakes Or Consequences Will Likely Follow

Avoid Making These Common Security Mistakes Or Consequences Will Likely Follow

Homeowners can't help but think about safety and security these days. There always seem to be new headlines talking about violence, shootings, or break-ins, including right here in San Francisco. People go above and beyond to keep themselves and their loved ones safely out of harm's way. Yet, dangers are lurking around every corner, so the attempts are sometimes useless.

Some persons move into gated communities to put a barrier between them and the riff-raff outside. Meanwhile, others purchase security cameras, motion activated lights, and dogs to warn them about trespassers. Crime statistics vary by region, but according to research, approximately 2.5 million burglaries occur each year. Of those, 66-percent are home break-ins. However, San Francisco homeowners can do certain things to protect themselves from the threats. So, continue reading to learn about common mistakes that people make and why you need to avoid doing the same.  

Don't Forget To Lock All Of Your Doors And Windows

It is a shame to think that many burglars get inside structures through unlocked doors or windows. Yet, it happens more often than one might believe. An article published by Safe Wise states that 34-percent of thieves enter through the front door. They may even attempt to do so while family members are home. Then, your loved ones can be subjected to violent acts. So, whether you are at the house, headed off to work, or going out for a night on the town, be sure to double check the locks on doors and windows and don't make it easy on criminals.

Stop! Do Not Place A Spare Key Outside The Home

It is not uncommon for homeowners, even those here in San Francisco, to hide spare keys around the house in case they lock themselves out. They put the piece under a fake rock, welcome mat, plant, or even above a door jamb. Sure, it seems like a good idea at the time, but criminals are wise to these tactics. In other words, they know where to look, and your key could wind up in the hands of an intruder in the blink of an eye. Then, they don't have to break a window or jimmy a door to get inside. Instead, they merely take two seconds to unlock the lock and gain entry.

Avoid Letting It Look Like You Are Out Of Town

Lots of people go out of town for work. Sometimes, they are gone for days or weeks at a time. On other occasions, homeowners scrounge and scrape up the money to go on long overdue vacations. Regardless of why folks are away, it is of the utmost importance for them to make it look like they are home. Consider asking the post office to hold all of your mail until you return.

If you happen to be one of the few people that still subscribe to a newspaper, ask the company to stop delivering the paper for the time being. It is also a good idea not to post pictures of your trip to social media, at least until after the journey is done and over with. People, burglars, in particular, will believe you are home after taking these actions. Then, with any luck, they will leave your house alone.

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