The Rise Of Security Cameras In Schools

The Rise Of Security Cameras In Schools

Our children are precious, and keeping them safe is one of the biggest priorities for any parent in San Francisco  

But the fact is that when we send our kids off to school, the current climate in this country means that we all have just a touch of worry. Bullying, theft, and the terror of school shootings have all turned schools into something that they should never be - a place filled with possibility, but also the possibility of harm 

Taking steps to confront these risks is something that all schools, staff, and parents consider constantly. And over the last few years, the use of security cameras in schools has increased steadily. Today, camera systems have been installed in numerous schools and universities, providing a compliment to alarms, metal detectors, and other similar security systems. There are plenty of reasons for this, including the following benefits:  

  • Better crime prevention thanks to the fact that when someone feels they're being watched, they're less likely to commit a crime that they can be punished for. 
  • Proof of fraudulent liability claims thanks to video surveillance recordings.  
  • Peace of mind given to parents and teachers who are able to rest a bit easier knowing that the security cameras are in place protecting their children.  
  • Cameras allow schools to cut costs by hiring fewer resource officers - one or two officers can monitor the entire campus with surveillance cameras.  
  • With security cameras installed, staff can identify potential behavior that could be a red flag and then take steps to ward off potential acts of violence in the future.  

Camera systems first began being more and more common on college campuses and private universities, but over the last few years they've begun showing up in more public schools 

The reasons listed above highlight why that is, but above all else it's the safety of the staff and students and the fact that cameras can help improve that safety to some degree. Closed campuses are also becoming more common, with schools taking steps to actively stop unauthorized visitors, checking all visitors at the door, and more. But within all of those steps, using security cameras remains one of the go-to options for schools in San Francisco 

The key, however, is finding a system that is right for your campus  

Usually, a camera system is only one part of the overall security system. Things like automatic door locks, auto security calls to police, and more can all be implemented in a system. And since users can actually monitor the camera feeds via their mobile phones or tablets, school officials have more flexibility and control over today's systems.  

Modern security systems offer far more options than those of just a few years ago, and getting the right system installed is something that makes tremendous sense - something that explains why so many schools are turning to CCTV surveillance. If you're looking for a solution for your campus security issues, Security Integrations can help. Contact us today to get a free consultation and see just what kind of solutions can fit your needs in San Francisco. 

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