How To Maximize The Potential Of Your Security Camera

How To Maximize The Potential Of Your Security Camera

When it comes to business security and safety, one of the first things that come to mind are security cameras. These are possibly the best form of security next to humans and you might have a few installed within your establishment already. The thing is though not every entrepreneur knows how to maximize the work that these security cameras can do for them but luckily, we’ve got a few tips to make them work as efficiently as possible.

Protect The Digital Aspect Of Cameras

Cameras work alongside security solutions. Hackers don’t need to disable your cameras physically to infiltrate your systems or establishment. If your network isn’t secure enough, they can easily hack into your security cameras and shut them down from within. This is worse than shutting down the cameras from the outside as it takes longer for the system to recover if its disabled from within.

Protecting and maximizing the functionality of your security cameras means having to protect it from within. Install the right digital security solutions to prevent hackers from breaking through your digital defenses. This ensures maximum uptime more than any other method too so you are protected 24/7.

Strategic Placement Is The Key

Even the most advanced security cameras will mean nothing if they aren’t placed properly. Strategic placement is the key to maximizing the use of these cameras. For starters, it’s important to place these cameras in highly sensitive areas such as near the cash registers or the stockroom as these are the most likely target of perpetrators.

You’d also want to place the cameras in a location with strong lighting so that the footage is as clear as possible. Lastly, it is important to place the cameras where they’ll have the maximum scope for the footage. These areas include at the end of always and at the corner of rooms. This ensures everything is caught on cam.

Store Footage In A Secure Cloud Storage

File sizes for security footage can be too heavy for hard drives. As such, it is advised to keep the footage saved in a secure cloud storage. That way, you can have a larger space that is safe from viruses and even breaches. Don’t fill up your storage though. Ideally, you’d want to delete footage if its already a month or two old. 

Consult With Specialists

Some business owners simply buy security cameras and install them themselves. While it’s easy to install security cameras on your own, consulting with security specialists such as ourselves is leagues better. We can create the most efficient and effective security system for your company. Even if you have already installed a security camera for your establishment, we can still work our way around it and improve it substantially.

Security Integration is a specialist in home and business security and surveillance systems and we have a huge portfolio to prove our claim that we are the best. If security and safety are all you need, then feel free to contact us and we’ll get you started.


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