Is It Legal To Install Surveillance Cameras In The Office?

Is It Legal To Install Surveillance Cameras In The Office?

Did you know that taking pictures and video of things that are in plain view from public spaces is legal? It’s not only legal, it’s a constitutional right. Video surveillance in the office is a bit different than video recording in public places, but there’s no explicit prohibition against surveillance cameras in the workplace according to U.S. Federal Laws.

3 Rules To Protect Your Business 

Cameras in the office can help protect your company from theft and other security issues. Despite the many benefits that come with this type of protection, some business owners are leery of installation due to the question of legalities. Don’t let that question stop you from protecting the business that you’ve put so much time and energy into.  Each state has a state labor agency that can answer your security camera questions; including CA. Using security cameras at your business is considered legal as long as you follow these three rules: 

  • You have legitimate reasons to install them
  • The areas that are being filmed are public
  • Employees are made aware of the cameras

If you intend to use your surveillance camera to “spy” on your employees, you must have a legitimate reason to do so to prevent an invasion of privacy. There’s a fine line between filming areas of your office to protect you from theft and filming areas that can infringe on the privacy rights of your employees. Knowing the facts on both sides of that line in CA will protect you from possible negative outcomes.  

Lawful Reasons That Don’t Violate Rights

If you believe that employees are using their time on the clock to do activities suited better for their time off the clock, video surveillance can be beneficial. This is especially true if the activity can impact your business or your customers in a negative way. Recreational drug use or inappropriate relations are two factors that can be found through video surveillance.  

Internal theft can happen when you least expect it, but if you believe that it is an issue in your office, security cameras can help you monitor the situation legally. And theft doesn’t always mean the pilfering of goods. Security cameras can help if you suspect workers are stealing time by manipulating time clocks.

Surveillance cameras also protect your employees, and your customers, from outside forces. If a break-in occurs, or if someone has been harassed on your property, most states will legally allow you to use video surveillance for protection. This helps everyone feel safer knowing that someone is watching over them.

Unlawful Surveillance

Keep in mind that there are certain areas where employee’s rights can be infringed upon, such as surveillance in areas such as restrooms, locker rooms, break rooms, and employee lounges. As long as you keep your surveillance in areas that are public, everyone stays protected. Contact Security Integration Inc. for more information to get your office set up with the latest technology available in CA today.






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