10 Ways To Protect Your Business With A Security Camera System

10 Ways To Protect Your Business With A Security Camera System

As a business owner, you know everything there is to know about the daily operation and maintenance of your facility. But how much do you know about what goes on when you’re not there? When you can’t be in your San Francisco office 24/7, security camera systems can. 

Keep an eye on your stock

Whether your business is a retail store, or you just have a well-stocked office supply closet, a security camera can track product removal and greatly cut down on your losses.

Watch your back door

A rear entrance that leads to an alleyway or a parking area is a prime target for a criminal. A security camera system records any attempt at forced entry and lets employees check for safety before opening the door.

Secure the lot

Customers and employees like to feel that their vehicles are safe in your parking lot. Installing security cameras in this area can cover safety issues with ease.

Cover your cash

Get a birds-eye view of your cash registers. If you’re questioning unauthorized discounts or cash-short drawers, this will provide your answers. 

Catch a thief

Security camera systems can deter theft before it happens, but some criminals still take their chances. With your video footage, police can catch the criminal and recover your merchandise.

Monitor employee conduct

Placing security camera systems in common areas can watch over employees to reduce excessive socializing and increase productivity.

Watch the after-hours crew

Keep an eye on your after-hours cleaning crew to ensure they’re doing a good job and completing all of the work you’re paying them to do.

Observe the loading dock

See who’s coming in, who’s going out, and what’s happening in shipping and receiving.

Screen appointments

If you operate an appointment-based business, or if you keep doors locked until you buzz customers in, you’ll be able to visually verify who’s at the door before you open it.

Save on insurance

A security camera system can protect you from internal and external theft, vandalism, and counterfeit claims. As a result of this protection, many insurance companies provide a discount for having one in place.

Start Reaping The Benefits

Being aware of what happens after you leave your San Francisco office for the day is important to the success of your company. Start enjoying the peace of mind that comes from the installation of security camera systems.  Contact Security Integration Inc. today to discover what you can do to keep your business running smoothly, no matter where you are.

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