Why Does Security Matter In An Office?

Why Does Security Matter In An Office?

Usually when we talk about security the first things that come to mind are security cameras for stores to prevent shoplifting, or maybe a guard at a reception desk for the safety of residents at an apartment complex.

However, if you have a business that is office-based that doesn’t mean you can slack off on security. Security may be even more important for offices than for retail businesses. But why? Here are a few reasons that explain the importance.

Equipment Is Valuable

Just because you don’t have food on shelves, or clothing on racks, doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything valuable in an office. Computers alone can fetch a hefty price on the black market, as well as quality office furnishings, filing cabinets, or the belongings that staff may leave in the office, such as their own devices or collectibles on desks.

An office with no security can quickly find itself robbed of the high-value equipment is requires for daily operation. And if you have any petty cash stored somewhere, this is vulnerable to theft as well.

Client Data Is Valuable

It’s not just the tangible objects like an office computer that can be attractive for theft. Every successful business also has to worry—to a degree—about corporate espionage. The information your clients give you, such as bank account numbers, addresses, and vital data, can be of value to others if they are stolen and shared.

In the same way, your own financial or operational data is not something that you want to be accessed and stolen. Security in place discourages those interested in hurting your business from having an easy time of it.

Liability Protection

While crime prevention is one of the biggest benefits of a good security system, the fact that cameras can see everything that goes on in an office can be great for resolving disputes or even preventing fraudulent claims. For example, one security camera caught a Florida woman hitting herself with a fallen sprinkler in an attempt to make a fraudulent workers compensation claim.

Security cameras eliminate the “my word against yours aspect” of many disputes, whether it is a customer or employee claim, and allows everyone to see what happened. Sometimes it can keep you out of a lawsuit.

Prevent Internal Theft

Finally, and unfortunately, outside crime is not always the only worry an employer has to face. Medical facilities, for example, may experience internal theft due to the street value employees know some drugs and medicines possess. Security cameras are just as effective a deterrent for employee theft as criminal theft.

However, an additional safeguard can be access control. If your doors need codes or biometrics to open, that means that even in the event of a theft, a user’s code or biometric is present on the door tracking system. This quickly narrows down the list of possible suspects.

Any business can benefit from security, and that includes offices. If you’d like to look into security options for your own, contact us. We’ll help you find the systems that give you the protection you need.

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