Security Solutions For Government Offices

Security Solutions For Government Offices

Both state and federal offices are targets for not only criminals, but terrorists. With such a high threat level, government officials need to do everything they can to secure their offices to protect public safety. A strong security plan backed with the most technologically-advanced security systems is the best way to protect any government office. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the key security needs and how they can be addressed.

 Controlling Who Accesses The Building

Government offices need to monitor and control who comes and goes in the building. Not only is this important from a physical security perspective, but it is needed to protect any valuable information and sensitive data. Smart door locks paired with access control systems is an effective way to control building access. Smart locks will make sure that all entry points are secured, while access control using either keypads, keycards, or bioidenitfiers like fingerprints will ensure that only authorized personnel can enter.

Monitor The Property Around The Clock

Another important measure to take is to be able to monitor both the interior and the exterior of the building 24/7/265. A network of surveillance cameras connected to a single monitoring station is usually the best. The cameras should be placed at the most vulnerable areas, access entry points, and in places with the public is allowed. Monitoring from a single hub will make it easy for your security staff to identify any emerging security risks and contact the proper authorities to help manage those issues.

Plan For Emergency Evacuation 

Another important piece of planning security protocols for your government offices is to have an emergency evacuation plan. Emergency evacuations are important to help get everyone out of the building if there is an active shooter, a bomb threat, or any other emerging disaster. First, you will need an alarm system that can alert everyone that they need to evacuate the building. Once your security team identifies the threat, they can sound the alarm and help everyone get to safety. You should also consider placing panic buttons in high risk areas that can trigger these alarms.

Schedule Regular Security Training For Your Staff

Once you have implemented strategies to help notify and control threats, you will also need to train your staff. Scheduling regular security training to review how to trigger alarms in emerging threats, how to notify the security team when someone has entered the building without permission, and what routes to use to evacuate should be included. Training your staff will make them feel confident if there is ever an emergency.

At Security Integration, we specialize in government office safety. We understand exactly the risks facing your office and can help develop a strategy to make sure you are protected. Whether you are a police station, a records office, or a utilities facility, we can help you design and implement an effective security plan. We’ll also help train your staff so they know what to do when the worst happens. Give us a call today to learn more!



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