Increase Business Security with Multifactor Authentication

Increase Business Security with Multifactor Authentication

With so many data breaches and other cyber attacks that have been plaguing the business world the last couple of years, as a business owner, you need to take the steps necessary to protect your business from hackers while keeping all of your sensitive data safe and protected.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

This is simply a security enhancement that requires a user to have more than one credential when logging into an account. Typically, two types of authentication are required for access. Some of these credentials may include passwords, the use of a swipe card, or even a fingerprint.

Keeping Your Business Secure

Multi-factor authentication helps keep your business much more secure digitally as well as physically. Swipe cards and biometric access control systems help you control and manage who is allowed permission to enter certain areas of the business, and this kind of authentication can also go a long way in protecting digital assets as well.

Phishing, for example, is experienced in over 75 percent of organizations as of 2017. During this kind of attack, a hacker is attempting to steal business data through emails that appear to be legitimate. However, these emails contain malicious links that when opened, can cause disaster.

Third-party breaches are also very common. Even if the data is secure, the vendor you use who has access to your system may not be secure. This can leave your business vulnerable to a data breach.

Multi-Factor Authentication Versus Two-Step Verification

While similar, you will find that multi-factor authentication is much more secure than two-step verification that only requires a password and temporary passcode to sign in. The passcode is usually sent to a mobile device or phone attached to the account.

While this is a good step for security, it is not the level of security you should depend on to keep your business safe and secure.

Benefits of Using Multi-Factor Authentication

Cybercriminals are not only targeting larger businesses, but they also have small to mid-sized businesses on their list. Smaller companies don't usually have as many resources that can be dedicated to security which makes them much easier targets.

Controlling access to the different aspects of your business is one of the best ways to protect your business and assets. Multi-factor authentication offers you that extra layer of protection and security you need. It makes it much harder for a hacker to gain access. If they manage to swipe a key card, they will still need to have a password, so there is that level of protection in place as well.

If you have questions on how to protect the security of your business or want more information on other security measures you can put into place to protect your investment, contact Security Integration today for more information and to run through the many options that are currently available for business owners. They also offer system configuration and support as well as access control installation.

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