Security Cameras Do More Than Secure Your Home

Security Cameras Do More Than Secure Your Home

Your home in San Francisco, CA is a place where you want to feel that you and your family members are protected and safe. One of the best ways to do this by adding security measure to your home. Security cameras, for example, are one of the best ways to deter crimes like home invasions. But security cameras can do much more than this. There are a lot of additional hidden benefits to having security cameras in your home, and here are some of the biggest.

Crime Prevention

Of course, the main reason you’ll want security cameras monitoring your home is that these cameras are one of the most effective deterrents against criminal activity. Criminals routinely go the safest, easiest, low-risk route to money. Security cameras dramatically increase the risk for a thief, so it’s much easier to simply pass over your home in favor of a more vulnerable target.

Evidence Collection

In the event that a break-in does occur, security cameras provide one important thing; evidence. When conducting an investigation, clues are critical. Security footage of the thieves reveals everything from height, physical build, and even a timeline of break-in events depending on how many cameras caught the act. Security images can be a huge aid in an investigation and may even lead to the resolution of what might have been an otherwise unsolvable crime.

Insurance Rates

One thing that insurance companies love is anything that homeowners do to reduce the risk of an insurance contingency paying out. The presence of security cameras definitely reduces certain risks. As a result, homeowners may enjoy lower premiums as a reward from insurance companies for being so conscientious. So it’s a sound financial investment as well, to lower your monthly spending.

Accident Prevention

Unfortunately, the #1 location for accidents to occur in San Francisco, CA and throughout America is right in the home itself. Between elderly parents tripping and falling from stairs, and young children getting into any number of scrapes, falls, knocking things over, or other misadventures, people often get hurt at home. With security cameras placed within a home, you can be alerted when there is an accident, and perhaps head off a tragedy that might occur if treatment is not given swiftly enough.

Employee Theft

If you have people that come into your property to do work, such as housekeepers, pool maintenance, or even babysitters, security cameras in your home can also act as a deterrence to prevent theft. Sadly, a lot of petty theft can occur in a home simply because people see an opportunity to make off with something small, especially if they feel they are unsupervised. Security cameras in the home to watch children or the elderly can also act as a deterrent.

We Can Make A Difference

If you want to make your San Francisco, CA safer than ever before, contact us and explain what kind of peace of mind you’re looking for. We’ll be happy to oblige and get the right solution for your personal, family and home security needs.

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