Home Automation Security

Home Automation Security

Most Americans are already aware that the “smart home” revolution is making our homes more convenient and more accessible even when we’re not actually at home in San Francisco  

Home automation has made it possible for people to set the temperature of the thermostat while at work, or even put up messages on the fridge for individual family members, while checking inside to see if more milk needs to be bought on the way home! 

But home automation can be more than just convenient 

In some cases, home automation can also mean a safer home in San Francisco. By coordinating your security measures with your home automation, you can achieve even more peace of mind with a few high tech assists from smart home automation use. 

Security Cameras 

Security cameras, or CCTV have already proven their worth as deterrents, with 60% of thieves in one study citing the mere presence of a camera as reason enough to pass by a home or parking lot to seek an easier target. However, security cameras can now be even more intricately connected to your home. Digital technology now makes it possible to view your cameras, and even receive alerts from them when something moves into range. Some cameras now come with speakers so you can speak to a person at your front door, once they have moved into view of the camera! 

Door Locks 

The lock has always been the first line of defense for preventing home invasions, but even these have gotten a lot more sophisticated thanks to home automation. New locks don’t even require physical keys slotted into holes, meaning that traditional lock picks don’t work on them. They can even record and alert you as to when people enter and leave a home, and who specifically performed the action if each resident is assigned a unique “key.” This also means that when an unauthorized entry occurs through the door, your door will now automatically alert you that something’s gone wrong. 


Well light streets deter crime and lights in a home have always been one of the older, more reliable ways to deter intruders. After all, if the lights are on, that usually means someone is home. If the goal is to break in and rob a place, people being present mean a higher risk of complication, failure, and even arrest. Older technologies used to require lights being plugged into timers to automate when they came on. Now this can be done remotely, through your phone. 

It’s also much more sophisticated now

Instead of simply turning all lights on or off at the same time every night, new systems are at your command if you like, or can be set to new “routines” that simulate people entering and leaving different rooms throughout the house for a much more convincing illusion of residents being present. 

Home security is always a big concern, but Security Integrations can help. Just explain to us what security needs you have, and we ensure you have the convenience, control and automation to give you more peace of mind and more information on what’s happening in your home in San Francisco even when you’re not there! 

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