Apartment Gyms Should Get Good Security

Apartment Gyms Should Get Good Security

If you own or manage an apartment or condo complex in San Francisco, CA, then you already know you need to strike a balance between providing the conveniences that draw in more buyers or renters, and providing the security people need. Having gym facilities for residents to exercise in is a great way to attract residents since it provides so much convenience for the fitness minded.

However, once you add such fitness center facilities to your San Francisco, CA complex, you’re going to have the other residential consideration to deal with; security. Gyms and fitness centers are great features for any complex, but they also have expensive equipment in them, and in some ways, residents are at their most vulnerable in these rooms. So how do you ensure good security for your gym or fitness center?

Be Strategic About Location

If you’re in the planning stages, take the time now to carefully plot out the best overall location for a new gym or fitness center. A central location, close to the management office or security is always good, both for resident accessibility and management response.

Access Control

One of the best ways to ensure greater security for your gym or fitness center is to reduce just how freely accessible it is. After all, a fitness center is meant to enhance the value of your complex for your residents, who are either paying rent, or maintenance fees, and so they should be the priority, and they should always have access. Coming into a gym to use the machines, and finding that all of them are used—by people who don’t even live in the building—runs completely counter to your goals.

The solution to this is implementing some kind of access control. Key cards assigned only to residents, or a numerical keypad with a code only residents know, are great ways to restrict the gym or fitness center only for its intended users. This also means residents don’t have to worry about working out and being vulnerable to strangers.

Security Cameras

This is another very effective security measure, and it does double duty, as not only does it protect the residents, but in many ways, it can protect your fitness center investment. In terms of resident safety, security cameras can be vital in showing people who aren’t supposed to be in the area. The presence of security cameras can also act as a deterrence against crime since now people know that their height, build, clothing and physical appearance have been preserved in a format that is admissible as evidence in court, should charges be pressed.

Beyond that, this means that the usual irritations property managers might face, such as people abusing or improperly using equipment, are reduced. Now vandals or simply careless users, are caught on camera. Even settling legal disputes, such as a fight between residents, may be easier to resolve, now that there’s evidence of how the argument began and who struck the first blow.

If you want help to make sure your San Francisco, CA gym or fitness center is as secure as it can be, contact us for help.

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