3 Tips For More Secure Apartment Living

3 Tips For More Secure Apartment Living

Many people that live in an apartment complex believe that because they aren’t in an isolated, detached home, they are safer. This is especially true if they don’t live on the ground floor since many believe that the primary means of entry for committing crimes is a ground floor window.

However, just because an apartment complex has multiple units on different floors, this doesn’t mean that it’s immune to crime. As frightening as it may be to contemplate, theft and even assault, rape, and murder can all happen in apartment complexes.

This means that security in apartments can be just as important as it is for homes and business, and we have three tips to help make your apartment experience safer.

Change The Locks

If you have the permission to do so, one of the safest things you can do is change the locks on an apartment once you take possession. If the locks to an apartment haven’t been changed in years, this means the previous resident—and all the ones before—can still get into your apartment, because they have the same key you do, and it still works.

Changing the locks means you—and the landlord if required—are the only ones now that have access to that apartment. That’s a big reduction in the possibility of home invasion through the front door.

Don’t Advertise That You Live Alone

Although both men and women are vulnerable when they are by themselves, the sad statistical fact is that women are at a higher risk of being crime victims when others know that they live alone, or are currently by themselves. It’s important to make sure you that don’t make it obvious to others that you are currently by yourself.

This is especially true when people specifically ask whether you are currently alone or not. When someone is pointedly trying to discover whether you are currently vulnerable, it’s better to lie, and mention visitors, friends, family or partners—real or otherwise—currently visiting, rather than being honest with someone and saying “Yes, I’m currently by myself.”

Get Your Own Security Systems

This can either be an initiative by the managers of the building you live in, or something that you can do for yourself and your apartment. Security camera networks are always good for any building; an apartment complex is no exception.

However, for your own apartment, you can also get wireless security cameras, wireless alarm systems for doors and windows, and even your own wireless smart doorbell system with camera and microphone, so if you unexpectedly get someone knocking on your door, you don’t have to answer it, and can still see who’s the other side. You may need to clear these individual installations with a landlord, but generally, wireless systems are far less intrusive than wired systems.

If you’re interested in increasing the security for your apartment, or you’re a property manager that wants the same for an entire complex, call us today. We can take the convenience of apartment life and make it even safer with a boost to security.

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